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Injection Feeders

The automatic injector feeder is a peripheral that has been used more and more in the industry. This equipment guarantees the full supply of resin in the injection molding machine. It can be placed directly over the original hopper of the machine or over the low volume thermal silo. It can also be coupled to a drying funnel or dehumidification silos.

This equipment vacuums granules in the supply cannon or even directly in the drying silo. In medium and large injection molding machines, the Feeder becomes necessary due to the distance between the funnel and the floor.

The feeders are all three-phase, manufactured with stainless steel or carbon steel material. It has a PLC command panel, ensuring full control of the industrial process. Contains magnetic and capacitive sensors for level control, automatic cleaning system, safety fuse, meeting the NR-12 standard. It is 100% national equipment with its own manufacture.