Aspó - Aspirador de Pó Industrial Inteligente

Eletric Suction Air Pump

Aspó is a company that has a complete structure, uses modern technologies and works with several types of radial compressors, built in special aluminum alloy and manufactured in-house.

Radial Compressors with 1 year warranty except for motor burnout due to lack of phase or overload.

What is radial compressors?
Radial Compressors are devices that produce a vacuum or reduce vacuum to remove moisture, non-condensable gases and various residues. Of various types, they are widely used to vacuum up residues, such as: water, sand, copper slag, dirt from floors and so on. They are also used for their own applications within the industry.

What is it for?
Radial Compressors are used for aspiration of light and heavy residues, water, oil, steel grit, cleaning of floors, machines, aeration of tanks and so on.

How it works?
Radial compressors, also known as thermobaric, use oxygen from the atmosphere and suction pressure that is subatmospheric as a reactant. Basically moved by pressure and high temperatures, they are used in closed and open areas and reach deep places. With their own characteristics, they work under very specific conditions.