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Aspó Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Our company has been operating in the market since 1969, constantly pursuing innovation to our products and consolidating the Aspó product family applying versatility, durability and efficiency. We value to work with a high efficient and specialized support team to assist our customers and new customers. The Aspó prioritizes excellence in the manufacturing of all equipments and accessories for aspiration of water, light and heavy dusts, solids and liquids, grain feeders, eletric suction air pump, dust collectors, car wash equipment meeting the most different and specific needs of our customers.

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Our purpose is to make a difference delivering the best solutions to our customers needs and provide them security and optimization to their work.


As a company, our vision is to craft and distribute the best equipments all over the world in the industrial vacuum cleaners market in order to serve as many companies as possible.


The customer is our number one priority. The Aspó values an ethically and high performance work dedicated to meet our customers needs and expectations.